Photo Booths in Mexico City — A Distributor Profile of the Keshot Team

Keshot is a fast growing company that embraces individuals of diverse backgrounds from all over the world. With our incredible eclectic group of employees and distributors, our company is breaking boundaries when it comes to innovative marketing solutions.

One of our trailblazing distributor teams is located in Mexico City, Mexico — a powerful team with great ideas that includes Luster Hursey, Enrique Mezo, and Ignacio Herrera. With great pleasure, I had the opportunity to ask the team to share their experience with Keshot. It was Enrique’s cousin who had the distributorship in Mexico City, and presented the opportunity to him. From there, Keshot’s CEO, Juan Benavides discussed the distribution possibility with the team. As one of the first distributors, the team started working with the original Keshot, the lollypop models.

When working with clients, the team is typically prepared to present unique guerrilla marketing ideas, projects that deliver innovation for client’s special events. Clients in Mexico City know Keshot as an international business that has worked with Fortune 500 companies in different countries, creating a feeling of trust as they work with the team on their next event.

Luster truly enjoys working with clients and Keshot. He recently stated, “Keshot is a great company to work for because the events are always different with each client, and the developments we do with each client make it a challenging and fun working environment.”

Click here to view an online album of a Mexico City event.

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Juan Benavides

CEO at Keshot
Event marketer and tech enthusiast, Juan Benavides is the CEO of Keshot. Keshot social photo booths provide branded solutions to extend your event marketing during and after the event through connecting photo booths and photo solutions to Facebook pages and other social media outlets.

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