Monthly Archives: June 2012

What Your Event Needs to Succeed!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an event about innovation featuring some of today’s top thinkers and thought leaders. One was Guy Kawasaki, whom I personally follow a few of his blogs. He was the former Chief Evangelist for Apple and was once considered for the CEO position at Yahoo. In his presentation, …

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Mobile Marketing Tours: Generating Customer Engagement with Photo Booths

Yesterday marked the start of summer. Summer months are known for sweltering heat, hot dogs, barbeques and mobile marketing tour months. During the hot days of summer, brands take to the road, moving across America, setting up temporary locations in parking lots and county fairs, to become easily accessible marketing in-person experiences. Sometimes referred to …

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Facebook ‘Likes’ Can Increase Sales

Think about it, of all the content out there on the Internet championing the use of Facebook to increase sales, is there any real research validating this theory? A study was conducted to determine how fans engage with brands on Facebook. Overall, most fans interact with brands via post, newsfeeds and any special offers. Fans …

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