Monthly Archives: January 2014

How to Tell Stories in an A.D.D. World –

Just watched a video (full of foul language) from Gary Vaynerchuk who’s considered a quintessential maven of modern-day marketing. “The best digital storytellers”, he says, “use the social media to ‘hook’ audiences in for the deeper stuff. We should give, give again, and give some more before ever asking for anything from our community.” Check …

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New Year – New Kiosk – New Us

What a year it has been! You’ve kept us busy here at Keshot! Amidst attending events, we have been busy developing new technologies to create a totally new kiosk design. And we have it! We are launching the new Keshot kiosk 2.0: The design is sleek and modern. The frame is lightweight and travels well. …

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