New Year – New Kiosk – New Us

What a year it has been!

You’ve kept us busy here at Keshot! Amidst attending events, we have been busy developing new technologies to create a totally new kiosk design.
And we have it!

We are launching the new Keshot kiosk 2.0:
The design is sleek and modern.
The frame is lightweight and travels well. It’s pretty.
New features include a built-in light source for ultra-flattering images; we upped the resolution for excellent picture quality; developed the ability to provide Animated GIFs as well as a connection to Instagram with branded hashtags.
New year, new kiosk, new us.
2014 is going to be big.
We look forward to working with you at your next event.

Juan Benavides

CEO at Keshot
Event marketer and tech enthusiast, Juan Benavides is the CEO of Keshot. Keshot social photo booths provide branded solutions to extend your event marketing during and after the event through connecting photo booths and photo solutions to Facebook pages and other social media outlets.

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