Keshot kiosk is perfect for mobile tours

The great new sleek design of the Keshot kiosk is perfect for mobile tours.
Earlier this year, we announced the release of our new photo booth kiosk. We’re very proud of the design and great picture quality, but we’re especially enchanted with its portability.

kioskHere at Keshot, we have partnered with quite a few companies (Scion, Progressive, Make Up Forever, etc.), who took the kiosks on the road for six plus months to support their experiential product-branding campaigns.


Our aim is to help our clients develop relationships and build brand loyal customers.
Plus, the new design of our kiosk is more compact and lightweight, which makes transportation even easier and much more cost effective; win-win!
We are packed and ready to travel!

Juan Benavides

CEO at Keshot
Event marketer and tech enthusiast, Juan Benavides is the CEO of Keshot. Keshot social photo booths provide branded solutions to extend your event marketing during and after the event through connecting photo booths and photo solutions to Facebook pages and other social media outlets.

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