Monthly Archives: March 2014

Exhibitor 2014

We just got back from EXHIBITOR2014- a 3-day convention for trade show and event marketers, business professionals, and marketing executives to come together to find new, innovative marketing products that effectively and efficiently engage consumers face to face with their brands. Keshot Photo Booth Solutions has been a signature marketing tool for many fortune 500 …

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Animated GIF Photo Booth

Animated GIFs. They’re fun, cool, flashy, and alive! They grab your attention and pull you in—if you’re like us, sometimes you find yourself watching a GIF loop over… and over… and over again. And that is what is so appealing to partygoers about Keshot GIF Booth technology! It’s exciting to offer individuals the opportunity to …

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Let Me Take A Selfie!

According to Oxford dictionary, Selfie was the word of 2013, but as the “twitter-breaking” Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar selfie suggests, it’s a phenomenon that still pays in 2014.   Literally. According to Wall Street Journal, Ellen Degeneres’ skit was not improvised, but a part of a product placement deal with Samsung, who paid close to 18 …

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