Animated GIF Photo Booth

Animated GIFs. They’re fun, cool, flashy, and alive! They grab your attention and pull you in—if you’re like us, sometimes you find yourself watching a GIF loop over… and over… and over again.


And that is what is so appealing to partygoers about Keshot GIF Booth technology! It’s exciting to offer individuals the opportunity to take photos with friends and have their photo moments come alive.


Since introducing GIF technology to our photo booths, it has been the hottest kiosk option for our clients.  Rather than partygoers posing for one picture, now they pose for four- the photos are then combined to create a looping photo video, which is called an Animated GIF.  At our client’s event, the Animated GIFs can loop on a plasma screen or projector to showcase the dynamic, lively ambiance of the party.


What is also cool about Animated GIFs is the sharing process- GIFs can be embedded directly into the body of an email, they are viewable on phones without the need for a media player, and they also animate in our clients’ Facebook fanpage photo albums.


Animated GIFS are the future of photo booths, but what about animated prints? Well, it looks like there is a successfully-funded kickstarter startup, who’s goal is to get GIFS out of our screen and into our hands!


Here’s to a photo animated future!

Juan Benavides

CEO at Keshot
Event marketer and tech enthusiast, Juan Benavides is the CEO of Keshot. Keshot social photo booths provide branded solutions to extend your event marketing during and after the event through connecting photo booths and photo solutions to Facebook pages and other social media outlets.

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