Discover LA and Keshot MovieStar

We recently partnered with Discover L.A. to develop a sophisticated video and photo sharing platform to offer tourists, LA lovers, and long time Angelenos the opportunity to upload their LA Story for a sweepstakes to win a trip for two to Los Angeles.

The system we created is an upload video/photo technology to draw people to a client’s site through multi-channel uploading, where individuals create content and generate buzz around a product, cause, contest, or brand through online social sharing.

What’s important to mention about the Discover L.A. campaign is that it’s 100% online. It takes the marketing philosophy behind our photo booth technology, but rather than a photo booth being the content hub- it’s the sponsor’s website or campaign page. This creates the opportunity for a wider and international advertisement reach.

We have worked with other clients on similar campaigns in the past; one in particular was KLM’s “10 seconds to Holland” promotion.

The service is called Keshot MovieStar. The package is entirely customizable and we work very closely with our clients to create the perfect campaign to achieve their promotion goals.

Juan Benavides

CEO at Keshot
Event marketer and tech enthusiast, Juan Benavides is the CEO of Keshot. Keshot social photo booths provide branded solutions to extend your event marketing during and after the event through connecting photo booths and photo solutions to Facebook pages and other social media outlets.

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