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About Juan Benavides
Juan Benavides

Event marketer and tech enthusiast, Juan Benavides is the CEO of Keshot. Keshot social photo booths provide branded solutions to extend your event marketing during and after the event through connecting photo booths and photo solutions to Facebook pages and other social media outlets.

We Make Ideas Happen

One of the things that lights us up here at Keshot is that while we offer set packages for our clients, our main company feature is that we can customize our experiential photo booth marketing platform to fit any of our client’s ideas- our technology is malleable to support our client’s imagination. The idea does not need to fit into an existing model that we’ve created; together we can generate something new to achieve your marketing goals.

If our customers have an idea for an event, campaign, or sweepstakes- our tech team can develop the desired look and feel to ensure optimal branding and consumer engagement. Our goal is to ensure an enjoyable user experience with your brand before, during, and after the activation.

One of our favorite examples is our partnership with Sega. We had already partnered with Sega for some of their experiential marketing events, and we contributed to the win of Best Booth at the E3 expo in 2012.

Sega came to us with an idea, and asked us how we could support them. They were creating a life sized “Power-loader,” a human operated robot device from the movie, Alien, where Sigourney Weaver moved things greater than her size, for fans to play with while showcasing Sega gaming technologies. When they shared their idea with us, they were looking for a way to capture pictures of fans in action in the Power-loader that could be uploaded to a remote kiosk for the fans to pick up and share online. Of course we would do this! We worked closely with them from start to finish to create the optimal technology and to ensure the success of their campaign. You can view the photo album here.

Another example of customization was with our client IT Superheroes- they were going to showcase their company at a tradeshow and wanted a way to create a lasting memory of their brand. We listened to their branding desires and developed a platform where users could take a photo of themselves, and their face would replace the face of the original superhero. It was a huge success and a fun project to develop. You can view the photo album here.

Keshot Photo Booth Purchasing

This past week Michael’s Craft Store purchased one of our photo booth kiosks to bring brand awareness and consumer engagement to one of their permanent locations. This is not our first kiosk purchasing deal, but it’s a service we want to highlight for our clients who have store-fronts and permanent locations. The value of having a Keshot photo booth kiosk permanently in-store is enormous; it adds another layer of interaction with the consumer and bridges a company’s physical and online presence.

Consumers can take their picture with their purchases/friends/selves at your store, and “pick up” their photo online once they’ve liked your Facebook fan page. Once connected to your Facebook fan page, you can send the consumer promotions and company updates to build a lasting relationship with your clients to naturally encourage return visits to your stores.

This is an exciting and necessary time to bridge your physical and online presence with consumers. Keshot photo booths are a natural and fun way for consumers to bridge the gap themselves.

Discover LA and Keshot MovieStar

We recently partnered with Discover L.A. to develop a sophisticated video and photo sharing platform to offer tourists, LA lovers, and long time Angelenos the opportunity to upload their LA Story for a sweepstakes to win a trip for two to Los Angeles.

The system we created is an upload video/photo technology to draw people to a client’s site through multi-channel uploading, where individuals create content and generate buzz around a product, cause, contest, or brand through online social sharing.

What’s important to mention about the Discover L.A. campaign is that it’s 100% online. It takes the marketing philosophy behind our photo booth technology, but rather than a photo booth being the content hub- it’s the sponsor’s website or campaign page. This creates the opportunity for a wider and international advertisement reach.

We have worked with other clients on similar campaigns in the past; one in particular was KLM’s “10 seconds to Holland” promotion.

The service is called Keshot MovieStar. The package is entirely customizable and we work very closely with our clients to create the perfect campaign to achieve their promotion goals.

Exhibitor 2014

We just got back from EXHIBITOR2014- a 3-day convention for trade show and event marketers, business professionals, and marketing executives to come together to find new, innovative marketing products that effectively and efficiently engage consumers face to face with their brands.

Keshot Photo Booth Solutions has been a signature marketing tool for many fortune 500 companies, and it was exciting to showcase our new photo booth design at the convention.

Keshot social media photo booth

To be at an event like EXHIBITOR2014, where the sole purpose of the convention is to provide marketing professionals innovative ways to draw attention to one’s brand, it was amazing to see how naturally people were drawn to our booth! The new photo booth design, which has built-in lightning and a sleek frame, had people organically gravitating towards us to learn more and take photos. Check out our photo collage from the event to see the action!

The high level of inquiry and engagement with our photo booths at EXHIBITOR2014, is exactly how our fortune 500 clients want their event attendees to interact with their brand— The striking design of our new photo booth coupled with the photo-taking experience is an inviting opportunity for consumers to organically engage with business brands in an unforgettable, literally photographic way. Marketing professionals got to see this first hand this weekend, and we are excited to announce future partnerships with some of the fantastic businesses we met in the past few days.

More stories to come from our experience at EXHIBITOR2014!

Animated GIF Photo Booth

Animated GIFs. They’re fun, cool, flashy, and alive! They grab your attention and pull you in—if you’re like us, sometimes you find yourself watching a GIF loop over… and over… and over again.


And that is what is so appealing to partygoers about Keshot GIF Booth technology! It’s exciting to offer individuals the opportunity to take photos with friends and have their photo moments come alive.


Since introducing GIF technology to our photo booths, it has been the hottest kiosk option for our clients.  Rather than partygoers posing for one picture, now they pose for four- the photos are then combined to create a looping photo video, which is called an Animated GIF.  At our client’s event, the Animated GIFs can loop on a plasma screen or projector to showcase the dynamic, lively ambiance of the party.


What is also cool about Animated GIFs is the sharing process- GIFs can be embedded directly into the body of an email, they are viewable on phones without the need for a media player, and they also animate in our clients’ Facebook fanpage photo albums.


Animated GIFS are the future of photo booths, but what about animated prints? Well, it looks like there is a successfully-funded kickstarter startup, who’s goal is to get GIFS out of our screen and into our hands!


Here’s to a photo animated future!

Let Me Take A Selfie!

According to Oxford dictionary, Selfie was the word of 2013, but as the “twitter-breaking” Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar selfie suggests, it’s a phenomenon that still pays in 2014.



According to Wall Street Journal, Ellen Degeneres’ skit was not improvised, but a part of a product placement deal with Samsung, who paid close to 18 million dollars to be the branded photo phone of choice for Ellen’s selfie skit. The coupling of smiling celebrities and the selfie buzzword lead to retweet gold. To date, over 3.2 million people have retweeted Ellen’s Oscar selfie pic. As for Samsung? At one point in the Oscar telecast, Samsung Galaxy was being mentioned 900 times per minute. Wow!

And the phenomenon does not stop there:

To date, there are over 57 million photos bearing the hashtag #selfie on Instagram alone. Last month, radio stations across the US started to blast an electronic song called #selfie and the song’s music video already has 4.5 million views on Youtube. On top of that, a recent poll states that over 30% of pictures taken by millennial are selfies.

There is no denying this is the current cultural photo-taking experience.

While selfie may be the buzzword of the past few years, we at Keshot have been well aware of the selfie photo taking experience for quite sometime; Keshot photo booths provide guests the opportunity to take selfies at company events, and share them with friends.

This week, AT&T has asked us to partner with them for a “Take A Selfie” promotion at the ACC Men’s and Women’s Basketball finals tournament.  Students and fans will have the opportunity to take selfies with our photo booth kiosks, which will then be displayed on a live video feed during the event.

We look forward to posting pictures from the event, and seeing where the selfie phenomenon goes next.

Keshot kiosk is perfect for mobile tours

The great new sleek design of the Keshot kiosk is perfect for mobile tours.
Earlier this year, we announced the release of our new photo booth kiosk. We’re very proud of the design and great picture quality, but we’re especially enchanted with its portability.

kioskHere at Keshot, we have partnered with quite a few companies (Scion, Progressive, Make Up Forever, etc.), who took the kiosks on the road for six plus months to support their experiential product-branding campaigns.


Our aim is to help our clients develop relationships and build brand loyal customers.
Plus, the new design of our kiosk is more compact and lightweight, which makes transportation even easier and much more cost effective; win-win!
We are packed and ready to travel!

How to Tell Stories in an A.D.D. World –

Just watched a video (full of foul language) from Gary Vaynerchuk who’s considered a quintessential maven of modern-day marketing.
“The best digital storytellers”, he says, “use the social media to ‘hook’ audiences in for the deeper stuff. We should give, give again, and give some more before ever asking for anything from our community.”
Check out the video – You’ll find it fascinating if you are looking at social media to target your audience:
Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Tell Stories in an A.D.D. World


Was that a Keshot Photo Booth at the Grammy Awards?

Taylor Swift tweets photo booth

Last night, during the Grammy Awards I received this text: “that looked like a Keshot that Taylor Swift was tweeting on.”
See the background kiosk in the animated GIF above.

Doesn’t it remind you of the social media photo booth solution we developed for Oral B in Colombia during the summer of 2013?
See below

Photo Booth on the wall - Oral B - Colombia

Looks like great minds thing alike
-Juan B